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The Government of NAGALAND is committed to provide Simple, Moral, Accountable, Responsive and Transparent (SMART) services to the people through the concept of Citizens' Charter. The Transport Department, as part of the implementation of this Citizens' Charter, has simplified the procedures to get a Driving Licence.

Why do you need a Driving Licence?

As per Motor Vehicle Act 1988, a valid Driving Licence is necessary to drive any motor vehicle on public roads.

Where do you get it?

At the Regional Transport Office or District Transport Office, having jurisdiction over your residential area.

When do you get it?

After completion of 16 years of age, for driving motor cycles with engine capacity not exceeding 50cc with the consent of the parent / guardian.

After completion of 18 years of age, motor cycles with engine capacity exceeding 50cc and light motor vehicle.

After completion of 20 years of age, for an endorsement to drive transport vehicles.

How to get a Driving Licence?

There are two stages to get a Permanent Driving Licence.

Stage I : Obtaining a Learner's Licence (...more info)
Stage II : Obtaining a Permanent Licence (...more info)

How long is the Driving Licence valid?

Licence to drive a Non-Transport Vehicle is valid for 20 years from the date of issue or until the holder attains the age of 50 years, whichever is earlier. After that, the Licence is renewed every 5 years.

Transport Vehicle Licence is valid for a period of 3 years from the date of issue or renewal.



Learner Licence
This is a temporary licence valid up to 6 month only. It is issued to learn driving of Motor Vehicles.

Permanent Licence
One become eligible for permanent licence after expiry of one month from the date of issuing the learner licence.

Renewal of Driving Licence
The driving licence is required to be renewed after expiry of its validity. You have to approach to your local zonal office during public dealing hours for the same.

Duplicate Licence
Duplicate Licence is issued in case of loss, theft,or on mutilation

International Driving Licence
International driving licenses are issued from Transport Commissioner office, KOHIMA.

Other State Driving Licence
The procedure and documents are same as renewal of driving licence except record confirmations may be asked from issuing authority of that state. You have to apply to your local zonal office for the same.